Xaloy in its 20th year in Thailand; facility expanded to include pelletising

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As it celebrates 20 years of manufacturing in Thailand, US firm Nordson Corporation’s Xaloy screws and barrels facility in Chonburi has expanded its production capacity and now also supports Nordson’s BKG brand with technical service and a new pelletising lab line.

Xaloy products for extrusion and injection moulding include screws, barrels, and front end components like valves and nozzles. Since acquiring the Xaloy business in 2012, Nordson has invested in advanced systems for manufacturing these products at Chonburi and other Xaloy facilities in the US and Germany. The investment at Chonburi has involved replacing older machines with newer systems, and the result has been a significant expansion of manufacturing capacity and capability, says the firm.

In addition to expanding Xaloy production, the Chonburi operation has added capabilities for supporting the BKG brand. The facility now provides technical service for BKG pelletisers, gear pumps, and screen changers, and recently Nordson has installed at Chonburi a pelletising laboratory line to demonstrate the use of these products, enable customers to carry out trial runs, and provide customer training.

“As the Asian hub for our Xaloy business, our Chonburi facility provides rapid response and dedicated technical support for our customers in the region,” said Teong HK, Vice-President in charge of the Nordson Polymer Processing Systems (PPS) product line in Asia. “In addition, customers that operate globally can obtain screws and barrels for their Asian operations that exhibit the same high level of precision and quality that Nordson offers worldwide.”

At the same time, Teong notes, the Chonburi facility continues to export significant volumes of product to EU countries and is a well-established supplier to Japanese OEMs. “Thailand has free trade agreements with many nations,” he says, “and it is strategically located, with superb logistics for serving international markets.”

Established in 1998, the Chonburi operation provides engineering, manufacturing, sales, and process laboratory services. The 16,311 sq.m facility includes multiple casting furnaces and boring, honing, and multi-axis machining systems for barrel and screw production.

The Chonburi facility is ISO-9001-certified. It has been recognised as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) by the European Union.


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