K2019: Haitian teams up with IKV for a new plasticising approach

Haitian teams up with IKV for a new plasticising approach

Chinese injection moulding machinery supplier Haitian International and the IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany, are teaming up to develop alternative possibilities for the plastification unit as part of a joint project and to look for completely new approaches. The primary goals are new application fields, energy and material savings.

The project started in August and Haitian says it is "rethinking" the topic of plasticising. Helmar Franz, Director of Haitian International, and Christian Hopmann, Head of the IKV, have initiated the promising research project.

In the eyes of both initiators, plasticising has “enormous” development potential. On the one hand, material preparation has a considerable influence on part quality (keyword homogeneity); on the other hand, it represents one of the most complex mechanical components (keyword resource saving).

"Depending on the application, about 50% of the total energy consumption in injection moUlding is in the plasticising process, sometimes significantly more," says Gao, Project Manager/Deputy Director of R&D department at Haitian International.

The main objectives of the joint R&D project are therefore to save energy costs and resources in plasticising, to improve the processability of existing and new plastics, to simplify the processability of compounds or to make it possible in the first place, and thus to open up completely new areas of application for injection moulding technology.

Therefore, it is not only about optimisation, but also about the development of completely new concepts.

"From our point of view, this is absolutely necessary in order to supplement or perhaps even completely replace the screw plasticising process that has been in existence for more than 60 years. This is a high requirement and we will see what comes out of it, but we all together, Haitian International and IKV, are of the opinion that it is high time to try this," says Franz.

He also added that Haitian is “particularly pleased that Hopmann could be won over and enthused for this project".

The tasks are clearly distributed and the project work is carried out in three stages.

After the IKV team under the project management of Malte Röbig Malte Röbel, head of injection moulding, initially concentrates on the analysis and conclusions, the joint concept and design phase will follow. In the realisation phase with prototypes and tests, the R&D team of Haitian will take over.

Christian Hopmann, Head of the Institute for Plastics Processing said, "For us, the project is an exciting challenge to contribute to the improvement of fundamental principles of injection moulding technology.”

IKV as a European leader in the field of plastics technology, has 300 employees, including 80 scientists and 180 student assistants.


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