Husky’s wear-resistant nozzle for micro-moulding

Canada’s Husky Injection Molding Systems has introduced the newest addition to its Ultra Helix valve gate nozzle portfolio, the Ultra Helix 250 T2, developed to extend the benefits of the Ultra Helix technology for small part weights with difficult to access gate locations.

Husky’s wear-resistant nozzle for micro-moulding

The latest nozzle has a 12-mm bore that allows for direct gating in locations not achievable with larger nozzles. The pitch spacing down to 15 mm supports high cavity density and small moulds.

Furthermore, the T2’s extended maintenance interval PX actuation is designed for applications with leakage prone resins like TPE and PE. The addition of a stem seal paired with enhanced thermal management heater technology improves performance and optimises maintenance requirements. This results in lower risk and cost of ownership.

Husky says customers are already taking advantage of the Ultra Helix 250 T2 to make parts for medical barrier closures, flow regulation valves, and food and beverage packaging and flip-top closures. The nozzle is being used to produce parts ranging in weight from less than 0.1 to more than 4 g. Materials processed include PP, HDPE, LDPE, TPE, and TPV in both single injection and multi-material applications.


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