Taiwanese hardware innovations take technology to the next level

Taiwanese hardware innovations take technology to the next level

Taiwan's hand tools are the unsung champions of the industry, since worldwide more than 5% of well-known international mid-range and high-end hand tool brands come from Taiwan. In 2019, its hand tool industry export value surpassed US$3.79 billion, making Taiwan one of the top three exporters in the world.

Against the back of this, six Taiwan Excellence awarded winners demonstrated their products during the “Taiwan Excellence Hardware Showcase” recently. The event was organised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), MOEA, Taiwan, R.O.C., and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Departing from the norm, the emcee brought the audience on a live tour of the “Taiwan Hardware Show” exhibition hall, allowing the six companies to give hands-on demonstrations of their products, namely:

Taiwanese hardware innovations take technology to the next level
  • Mitcorp’s "Self-levelling Pipe Inspection Videoscope”. It features two core technologies: self-levelling camera mechanism and instant length display system. Both provide the position information of any obstruction and rupture observed by the user's immediate interpretation record, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the maintenance personnel during excavation work.

  • Shuter’s “RC Heavy Duty Storage Shelves”, a unique self-assemble wall-mountable workstation that can be customisable to individual needs. It is also complementary with hooks or tool hanger accessories, allowing for efficient storage of tools. Its individual shelves can hold up to 100 kg and the entire workstation can hold up to 700 kg.

  • Ferro Carbon’s “Heavy Duty Tile Cutter", a light but yet powerful cutter for cutting high hardness materials. Without the use of water or electricity, this manual tile cutter can cut up tiles that are as thick as 20 mm and as wide as 1,200 mm. The cutter also comes equipped with double guide for better visibility of the scoring and cutting line.

  • William Tools’ “Screen Slipping T-Handle Torque Screwdriver” is made by high tensile metal and environmentally friendly materials, making it stronger and more stable. In this one tool, it has a 12 bits storage that is easily accessible for quick application. Its numeric screen display also makes it easy to read the torque value and make fine adjustments accordingly.

  • Kuani Gear’s “Super Duty Gearless Air Angle Impact Wrench” can be easily access in confined work spaces like the engine bay. With its patented 3-speed power switch, it makes it suitable for all sort of purpose. Its gearless angle impact reduces vibration by 50%, increase torque output by 20%.

  • Tien-i’s “Adjustable Spinning Impact Extension” is the perfect tool when you need to fasten or loosen long fasteners in hard to reach places, and do it quickly. With ergonomic roller-bearing handle, it protects your hand from friction burns and gives you a holding handle to help balance heavy impact tools.

To watch the full product online press conference, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqaUO-U8ZqM


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