Green news: Amcor/SK Geo Centric partner for supply of recycled materials; LG Chem to recycle PET bottles for plasticiser for PVC flooring

Amcor/SK Geo Centric partner for supply of recycled materials

Packaging firm Amcor has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with South Korean petchem firm SK Geo Centric (SK) to source advanced recycled material primarily in the Asia Pacific region beginning in 2025.

The MOU with SK will enable Amcor to provide access to packaging solutions using recycled content for food and healthcare customers in key markets in Asia Pacific, as well as globally, building on Amcor's existing global access to advanced recycled material through US materials firm ExxonMobil, as well as its recent investment with Licella in Australia.

Combined, these partnerships will help Amcor take another important step toward achieving its target of 30% recycled content across its portfolio by 2030, it adds.

"Our ability to deliver more sustainable packaging solutions containing recycled material is increasingly important to customers in all consumer categories," said Mike Cash, president of Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific. "These partnerships will help enable Amcor to unlock opportunities for food and healthcare customers to leverage recycled content in their packaging, and will also foster a circular economy by significantly reducing the need for virgin plastic."

SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo said, "We are committed to contributing to a circular economy by expanding the supply chain where pyrolysis oil, produced from end-of-life plastic, can provide recycled content in consumer packaging. Providing Amcor with access to that material is an important step forward."

SK extracts pyrolysis oil from end-of-life plastic waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. SK is using post-processing technology the company developed. This can then replace crude oil as a feedstock for petrochemical processes and subsequently polyethylene to make new sustainable packaging materials for our customers.

LG Chem to recycle PET bottles for plasticiser for PVC flooring

In other news, another South Korean chemical firm LG Chem announced its intention to establish a plastic circular system by producing eco-friendly plasticiser, a key ingredient in flooring materials, using discarded PET bottles from everyday life.

A plasticiser is a vital additive that enhances the flexibility and elasticity of PVC, primarily used in the production of flooring materials and car seats. LG Chem highlighted that this newly developed eco-friendly plasticiser can significantly reduce carbon emissions during production compared to conventional plasticisers.

LG Chem is set to initiate full-scale production of the eco-friendly plasticiser starting in December. As global efforts to tighten plastic-related policies continue, the eco-friendly market is expanding.

In some US states, the mandatory requirement for the use of recyclable materials is being increased from the current 15-30% by 2030.

LG Chem’s eco-friendly plasticiser was developed in response to requests from a major client focused on North American shipments. In order to lead in the eco-friendly market, LG Chem has obtained the US Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, which certifies eco-friendly products containing more than 20% recycled materials. Major flooring and textile companies in North America adhere to GRS standards.

Han Dong-yeob, head of the PVC and Plasticizer Division at LG Chem, stated, “We will expedite ESG innovation by continuously expanding our eco-friendly product portfolio, including the newly introduced eco-friendly plasticiser and our existing recycled PVC products.”

As part of its sustainable management strategy, LG Chem has introduced diapers made from bio-based materials and developed eco-friendly remote controllers and set-top boxes using recycled plastics.

In March, LG Chem broke ground for the construction of a pyrolysis oil plant, emphasising its commitment to carbon neutrality and responsible resource circulation practices.


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