Engel opens Vietnam subsidiary


Engel Austriahas opened a new sales and service subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Today, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and system supplier with headquarters in Schwertberg, Austria, already belongs to the preferred partners of the international entertainment electronics industry producing in Vietnam.

"The Vietnamese market has grown strongly over the last few years and indications point to continuing above-average dynamics for the future," explains DrChristoph Steger, Chief Sales Officer at Engel Austria. "We are responding to this growth with the founding of our own sales and service subsidiary. Thus we are closer to our customers and in future can react even faster and more flexibly to their requirements."

The Vietnamese injection moulding industry is characterised by the investments of the major international electronics companies and OEMs that produce for example smartphones and tablet PCs in the region and have announced that they will be transferring more production to Vietnam. For many years already, Engel has been supplying these companies with injection moulding machines and integrated system solutions. Among others, Samsung is one of the long-standing partners. "Today, the high-tech field is one of the major segments in the Vietnamese injection moulding market," says Steger. "For the fabrication of sophisticated small components and thin-walled products, above all electric machines are used that combine top performance and precision with short cycle times and very low unit costs."

Besides the teletronics industry, chances are opening in the areas of packaging, household goods and construction. Currently, numerous injection moulding companies are being founded. Thanks to its extensive technology, system solution and automation expertise, Engel is able to develop and supply cost-effective fabrication solutions for both simple and sophisticated applications as a single source supplier. Customers also benefit from the fact that Engel is the only Western injection moulding machine manufacturer that is represented with several production plants in Asia and that produces the entire spectrum of machines for processing thermoplastic, duroplastic and elastomer materials locally. Injection moulding machines in the small and medium clamping force segment of the Engel victory, e-victory, e motion, e-cap, e-mac and insert model series come from Pyungtaek-City in South Korea. Shanghai, China, is the home of the plant for large-size machines of the Engel duo and e duo model series. In 2013, the capacities at both locations were increased significantly. "Today, we generate 85% of our turnover with our local production in Asia," says Steger. "This means we can guarantee short delivery times for our customers and ensures that we can adapt our injection moulding machines and system solutions very flexibly to the country-specific requirements."


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