Plant Expansions in China: Invista to up capacity for PA by 2020; Mitsubishi Chemical to add new plant for PVC slush powder


US integrated nylon maker Invista plans to add 40,000 tonnes of nylon 6.6 polymer capacity at its current 150,000-tonne polymer plant at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP). Construction is targeted for mid-2019 and production would begin in 2020.

This project aligns with Invista’s other recent announcements regarding additional capacity in the nylon 6,6 value chain:

  • new adiponitrile (ADN) plant announced for China by 2023

  • additional ADN capacity resulting from retrofits of its latest ADN technology at Butachimie, Invista’s joint venture with Solvay in France in 2019; and at its Victoria, Texas, site, targeted for 2020

  • ADN production records at Invista’s Orange, Texas, site

“We are continuing to make strategic investments to best meet our customers’ needs,” said Pete Brown, Invista Vice-President of nylon polymer. “In looking at our forecast for the future growth of the nylon 6,6 polymer market, we see increased demand in Asia and are expanding our capacity to meet that demand.”

Brown added, “We’ve invested more than US$1 billion in the nylon 6,6 value chain in the past five years, have recently committed to investing US$1 billion more and are continuing to evaluate the market for additional opportunities in the future.”

Invista also has a 215,000-tonne hexamethylenediamine (HMD) plant at SCIP.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Meanwhile, in other news, Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) plans to establish a new production site for performance polymers in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, and start production of PVC slush powder, which is suitable for automotive interior panel skins and other parts, in the spring of 2019.

Currently, MCC has two production sites for performance polymers in Suzhou and Changshu, located in Jiangsu Province in coastal China, and produces PVC compounds including PVC slush powder, thermoplastic elastomer, and adhesive polyolefin, for various applications such as automobiles, electric wires and cables, and construction materials.

The automotive market of performance polymers in China has shown a steady expansion, and expectations are especially high for the future growth in demand for PVC compounds including PVC slush powder, which have design capabilities and texture, for use in automotive interiors.

MCC says it aims to meet this robust demand by establishing a new performance polymer production site, through a newly-established subsidiary in Chengdu, in west-central China, where automotive parts production sites have clustered in recent years. The company also plans to look into production of items for the food, medical care, and optical fields, which, like performance polymers, are expected to see significant growth in the future.

MCC adds it will continue to enhance its performance polymers business through diversifying its application portfolio and accelerating business development in growth markets.


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