K2019: CLF caters to high-speed cap production

K2019: CLF caters to high-speed cap production

Taiwanese injection moulding machine maker Chuan Lih Fa (CLF) will demonstrate at the upcoming K2019 show what it says is an “intelligent-automated production system for multi-cavity high-production packaging”.

The newly launched CLF-230AE is an electric machine equipped with a Siemens control system and servo drive offering multi-axis control, high speed injection, high efficiency and energy saving for 16-cavity flip top cap moulding. This is coupled with CLF's In-house mould and production system that allow for significant market advantage and competitiveness, says CLF.

Flip-top caps, unlike traditional screw-top toothpaste containers, offer practicality, convenience, and wide application in PET water/sports drink bottles.

CLF has also launched a newly-designed servo energy-saving and hybrid high speed machine, equipped with outward toggle and wide mould-clamping mechanism, for energy-savings, high-speed, precision and high-capacity production.

Meanwhile, with regards to Industry 4.0, CLF says it has experience in customisation and automation capabilities, whether it is for small batch output or mass production.


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