K2019: FCS to introduce servohydraulic and all-electric machinery for 3C sector

K2019: FCS to introduce servohydraulic and all-electric machinery for 3C sector

Taiwan’s Fu Chun Shin (FCS) Group will be co-exhibiting with its European distributor, Windsor, to launch a brand new FA-160 servo hydraulic machine and the CT-300 all-electric model. The FA series is a newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic machinery by FCS. The specifications and designs are upgraded and optimised with 30% increase in platen strength, high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump that achieves GB first-class verification for precision, stability and improved mould lifetime. The modular specifications meet the requirements of food packaging and thinwall containers.

The all-electric CT-300 features an Austrian controller and Italian servo motor (Phase) for an increase in injection velocity, holding time and shot volume accuracy. The mould opening, ejecting, and plasticising processes can operate simultaneously, reducing the cycle time.

Adopting Japanese NSK injection screws and linear ball sliders in the injection base moving unit allows for smoother operations and energy savings. At the K, it will be shown with an IML automation system producing in an eight-cavity 100 ml IML ice cream cups. Production output is doubled through the use of 4+4 cavity stack mould technology, and mould cavity flow balance module for monitoring and automated compensation and screening of defective products to achieve unmanned production monitoring. It is targeted at the 3C, medical and optical product sectors.

FCS also says these models are “embodied with high technical elements, innovative ideas, and adapted to market requirements in Industry 4.0 development trends, fully showing its expertise in system integration and innovative R&D capability”.


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