M&As: Toyoda Gosei invests in AI company; Sika to buy Chinese sealants supplier

&As: Toyoda Gosei invests in AI company; Sika to buy Chinese sealants supplier

Japanese automotive parts supplier Toyoda Gosei has invested 50 million yen in Tryeting Inc. (Nagoya, Japan) for the rapid development of materials using artificial intelligence (AI). Tryeting is a start-up out of Nagoya University and provides an AI platform that integrates various types of software. One of the strengths of the company is materials informatics, a field that applies the techniques of informatics, such as AI and big data, to materials. This approach can significantly speed the development of new materials.

The automobile industry is changing rapidly with CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) and other new technological trends. In order to respond to these changes, Toyoda Gosei says it is seeking to achieve greater added value of products with the integration of sensors and other electronic components into the plastic and rubber parts that are its core technologies. For this aim, the development of high functional materials that can accommodate electronics technology is an urgent task.

With this investment, Toyoda Gosei says it will combine AI technology with the knowledge in materials design it has built up over many years. The ability to quickly simulate large numbers of material compounding patterns will accelerate the development of materials with superior functionality, such as new materials for LiDAR2 and other sensors.

In other news, Swiss speciality chemicals firm Sika is to acquire Crevo-Hengxin, a Chinese manufacturer of silicone sealants and adhesives used in both industry and construction applications. With this takeover, Sika says it is expanding its target markets industry and sealing & bonding presence in China and the Asia Pacific region, and is gaining additional silicone technology plus a production footprint. Crevo-Hengxin generates sales of CHF50 million, with a workforce of 140 employees.

Crevo-Hengxin is a family-owned manufacturer of a broad range of silicone products used for facades, fenestration, insulated glass, interior finishing and other sealing and bonding applications. In addition, the company holds a leading position as supplier of silicones for the growing solar industry.
Crevo-Hengxin is located in Changshu, 50 km north of Suzhou. Operations comprise a production facility, a R&D centre, a warehouse, and offices.

Mike Campion, Regional Manager Asia/Pacific: “The outlook for the silicone sealants and adhesive market – and indeed for our business in China – is promising. With the acquisition of Crevo-Hengxin, we will increase our know-how in this key technology, and expand our local production capabilities. We can immediately leverage the business potential of the new product lines by exploiting the cross-selling synergies offered by Sika’s extended distribution channels. We look forward to a successful joint future, and would like to extend a very warm welcome to all Crevo-Hengxin employees as they join the Sika team.”

Sika has subsidiaries in 101 countries around the world and manufactures in over 300 factories. With 24,000 employees Sika expects sales in excess of CHF8 billion for the fiscal year 2019.


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