Solvay opens jv plant for electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide in Taiwan; ties-up with Shengjian for material supply for semicon sector

Solvay opens jv plant for electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide in Taiwan

Belgian materials firm Solvay has announced the upcoming start of operations at its Taiwan-based Shinsol Advanced Chemicals joint venture plant for the production of electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide.

In line with the company’s continuing efforts to ensure the long-term supply security of its specialty chemicals, Solvay has invested in a new joint venture plant for the production of electronic-grade H2O2, an indispensable chemical agent in wafer cleaning.

Located at Tainan Technology Industry Park, the plant is scheduled for commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2023 with an initial capacity of 30,000 tonnes/year.

It builds on Solvay’s experience with other H2O2 plants already operating in Asia, Europe and the US and complies with strict international standards of quality, sustainability and environmental safety, it adds. 

“We have made significant investments to demonstrate our firm commitment to Taiwan’s market players which serve the local and global semiconductors industry and are proud to share the latest material innovations for more profitable and sustainable processes covering all semiconductors manufacturing stages,” says Andrew Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Solvay’s Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit.

“Our R&D, production and support capacities are all targeted at delivering the high-performance solutions needed for next-generation processes in line with the semiconductors manufacturing roadmap.”

ties-up with Shengjian for material supply for semicon sector

Meanwhile in related news, Solvay and Shanghai Shengjian Environment Technology Co. Ltd have signed a strategic partnership framework agreement to strengthen their business relations and expand into new markets. Based on over ten years of mutual success in important segments of the semiconductor, FPD, solar power and other growth industries, the partners will intensify their collaboration across all fields of new product and new application development, market development, technical exchange and material supply.

“Shengjian has a leading position in flat panel display and semiconductor applications supported by our innovative material supply, and is seeking to boost its business growth with our technical support and high-performance product portfolio,” says Peter Browning, President of Solvay’s Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit. “By reinforcing the strong bond between our companies, this agreement will also create a win-win situation for seizing new business opportunities and strengthening our ties with strategic end-customers.”

Under the new agreement, Solvay and Shengjian will jointly promote the development and marketing of components, systems and processes in the semiconductor, flat panel display, solar power and expand other demanding industries with deeper cooperation.

Solvay will utilise its existing technological capabilities and business resources to assist Shengjian in winning new customers and expanding into new market segments. Besides regular information exchange and technical meetings, both parties will also support each other through seminars and participation in industry conferences, exhibitions etc. The agreement secures Shengjian’s strategic procurement of critical high-performance materials from Solvay, gaining bigger market share of their expanding products.

In particular, under the framework agreement, Shengjian and Solvay will deepen their cooperation in terms of environmental protection and sustainability as well as the expanded semiconductor applications.


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